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Drafty Pines Farm

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About Us

Emily Chaplin has owned and loved horses for over 30 years. Her husband, Daniel, welcomed the horses into his heart and their home when they met in the Fall of 2000. Since then, Emily and Daniel have worked together to provide these wonderful horses safety, shelter and love, and are so happy to open their barn to you.  

All of our horses are Rescue horses that were saved from uncertain fates. We believe this is a great opportunity for people to see how wonderful rescue horses are and how they can enrich the lives of others. Your safety, comfort and satisfaction are very important to us and we hope to make an equine connection within reach for you. Please browse our website to learn more about us. For those of you who visit our site regularly, please read about Shorty, as we have learned a little about his life before he ended up at the New England Equine Rescue (NEER).

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How We Started

Drafty Pines Farm was established in December 2005 as a Christmas Tree farm. The land was already host to 2.5 acres of ready-to-cut pine trees and about 200 seedlings. Those seedlings will be ready to cut and use as Christmas Trees in 3-4 years. The existing older trees will be available for sale the weekend following Thanksgiving. Many trees are too large for the home, but if you enjoy crafts, the branches can be used to make beautiful wreaths, swags or sprays.

Drafty Pines Farm is situated on 5.5 acres in historic Central Village, CT. Our neighbors are the Central Cycle Club (for those motor cross enthusiasts), and the Quinebaug Valley Trout Hatchery (for those who love fishing). The Hatchery is surrounded by nearly 2000 acres of State owned land available for nature walks and horse back riding. We have a 4 stall barn, a run-in shelter, and a 60’ round pen to teach lessons in. 

Emily has worked with children and young adults for the past 15 years. Her energy and enthusiasm are often noted by her riders and their parents as she makes learning fun in a casual, family environment. She believes every student learns at their own pace and allows them the freedom to do so. She and Daniel have 2 young daughters, Madison and Natalie who are already learning the ropes and enjoy playtime with the horses. 

Rates and Services

We believe horses and horseback riding provide many mental and physical benefits for  people of all ages. We begin with riders 3 years and up. Our horses are our beloved pets and we want to offer you the experience of having horses without the additional costs (land, shelter, feed, hay, clean-up, etc) that goes along with owning them. We also understand that while you may love the animal, it may take time getting used to their size and strength. We offer a variety of services to meet our rider's needs in English and Western riding styles. Through natural horsemanship, our lessons teach riders how to care for, groom, feed, wash, tack-up, communicate with, listen to, ride at the walk, trot and canter and provide preventative barn & fencing maintenance while keeping safety a number one priority. We strive to create a fun and friendly environment in which to learn the basics of horse care and pleasure riding.

All lessons are $40 for 1 hour private lesson or $30pp for 1 hour group lesson. Group size is limited to 3. Families are encouraged to take advantage of this offer. Helmets are required and are provided for your use.

**Cancellation notice is requested at least 48 hours in advance to avoid the scheduled lesson charge.** 

We gladly accept cash and personal checks as payment for these services.  There will be an additional $30 fee for any returned checks.

As a part-time operation, Drafty Pines Farm and its services will be available for use on an appointment only basis. Riders can make appointments for lessons by telephone, in person or by email.

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Drafty Pines Farm

70 South Cady Lane Central Village , CT

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